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Who is Annie Mack?






"Annie Mack is a real find. Her songs are testimony to the power of music and how it can change lives."

-Colorado Blues Society


"In a blues world overrun with bad-mama posturing on one hand and hoochie-mama silliness on the other, it's refreshing to hear a lyricist with deeper ideas on her mind."

- David Whiteis/ Living Blues Magazine



"I am a student of my environment," Annie Mack's reply to the question of songwriting inspiration is blunt and honest, exactly like the woman herself. "I am a student of my immediate surroundings, my work surroundings, my Church surroundings. When I write a song, I ask myself,  'Do I feel something? Is my idea powerful enough for me to cry or laugh, or force me to think?'"
Annie is branded as a blues singer, but she is so far out of the realm of standard blues that she not only defies the category but has created a whole, new identity for herself and her music. Her first record, Baptized in the Blues, rings with roots tinged gospel tunes and retro Motown soul, then shuffles easily to a classic country beat complete with the lonesome drone of a pedal steel. Annie's voice is unique, bold and charismatic; never sharp or shrill. She is a natural born singer, true to her own style and dedicated to the ideals that music is a prime communicator and healer.
"Blues is and always will be my foundation. I'm inspired by the rawness and realness of blues," says Annie.  "Because I'm secure in my foundation, it allows me to branch out and express myself using others styles of music. When I write songs and start with the bare idea or "skeleton" I think about the mood of the piece. What story do I want to tell? Would a Gospel sound do it or maybe an outlaw country style? I try to "hear" the "vision", she pauses and thinks. "I try to hear the heart of the song." 
Annie Mack has become passionate about "the heart of the song". Her new recordings of her originals is a work of dedication and soul. Annie's songwriting continues to evolve, unfolding thoughts and perspectives about humanity and human nature. 
"I'm going in a different direction because the music spoke to me of a pop influence," she admits candidly. "I've been listening to Mavis Staples, Bob Dylan, Alabama Shakes, and Gary Clark Jr; all remarkable storytellers. I'm studying the way stories translate into songs."
Annie's songwriting is deep. Her new tune, "Closer", talks about owning her own life and the realization that growing adds richness to living.  "Love" centers around the theme of the self sabotage that happens when a friend manifests love, peace and joy but then rejects those very things. "Just Do Right" is the story of a charming drunk who, after begging for second chances, and receiving them, just can't do anything right. 
Annie's Title Track, "Tell It Like It Is", about a recovering addict who finds power and stability in a very humble place: having a home, family, drinking coffee before reporting to work at a menial job. Success is found in the simplicity of life. 
Annie's new songs speaks to her most amiable and admirable musical trait: she refuses to box herself into a genre. Her new tunes amplify the fact that she is a gifted songwriter, weaving themes of lack and appreciation, poverty and the precious gift of motherhood and, perhaps most importantly, the belief in a power that sees, raises and saves those who are lost and downtrodden. Her music talks about hope and the power of belief. 
"I want others to not only jam out and enjoy the music but I want them to relate and have an experience as well. I do believe in the "milk" versus "solids". There is a time for both, but I like to think I offer some nourishment for the soul," she confides. "Which sort of flies in the face of the typical music business formula."
Annie talks about eshewing the typical music business success path. "There are a whole bunch of people following the masses. Being seen at the same places. Forging generic relationships with the "right" people in hopes of moving ahead."
"I try to live a pretty genuine life. I'm a unique individual with unique circumstances who happens to believe in a Unique God. I have faith that I will be right where I am. Of course I still have to put in hard work and make sure my art is good! I'm not meant to do what so and so is doing over there. I'm me. This is my journey"
Annie sums up her musical mission eloquently. "I know I have been called to a deeper purpose. I believe my mission is to encourage people through the power of music. Music is a sacred thing. It brings about healing, truth and hope. I think that it's something that has been given to me. I know that when I write God is pushing me to understand something and to Grow. Its not by accident that I come across these song ideas. I do have specific people in mind for some but the main idea is survival, encouragement,hope and that is a message for all.

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